Teeth Whitening Training Course

Hello my daughter and I attended your teeth whitening training course today in Manchester. I would like to thank Kate for a very enjoyable and very well presented course. She captured everybody’s attention throughout the day, and she was very easy to understand. She is a credit to your company. I cant wait to receive my teeth whitening kit and to continuing business with you.

Thanks again

Lorraine H.

Beaming White offers the most complete teeth whitening training course in Europe. We will teach you everything you need to know about teeth whitening, especially as it relates to the bleaching teeth in the UK. Not only will you learn the theory of how teeth whitening works, but you will learn about the history, the different types of teeth whitening lights, different teeth whitening kits and gels. Most importantly, our teeth whitening course will give you hands-on experience under the eye of a trained professional in the actual practice of offering a teeth whitening treatment. However, nowadays it’s not enough to learn how to perform the whitening treatment or how to market your teeth whitening services properly; you need to learn about the laws regarding teeth whitening, and we have extensive experience dealing with the GDC and the Trading Standards. We will teach you how to comply with the European rules and regulations while offering this lucrative service.

Our course is not the cheapest, but we believe it is the most comprehensive. Everyone will tell you their course is the best, so how can you really know? Anyone can copy the outline of our course and tell you theirs is the same or better even though they might spend one minute on that particular subject. Who do you believe? We suggest you call our UK office or visit us it if you are in or near London before making such an important decision. We have 2 training locations, whereas most others will rent a room in a hotel for a few hours.

London, UK Tel: +44 (0) 20 7684 7235
Manchester, UK Tel:  +44 020 7684 7235

Why is the decision of who trains you so important? Because if you don’t do it right, you could hurt someone. Even if you don’t hurt the customer/patient, if you don’t get the results they want, your investment in your teeth whitening practice will not be very profitable or could fail altogether. If you don’t know what you are doing, you might wind up doing something that’s illegal. We teach you about the different methods, different gels to whiten teeth and how the law regards them including the Trading Standards and the EU position on different products.

Beaming White is the largest manufacturer of teeth whitening products for the beauty industry in the world. Our headquarters and our manufacturing facility are located in the US, whereas our UK Headquarters are in Central London. We also have a training center in Manchester for those of you in the North.

Beaming White has been in the industry for years, thus we understand the theoretical, practical, business and legal aspects of teeth whitening.

The vast curriculum offered by Beaming White includes educating attendees on gel types and whitening techniques used in the industry; necessary equipment and supplies; types of lights available today and in the past; legal aspects of teeth whitening in the U.K.; important documents such as waivers and after-care instructions; service provider insurance; safety issues; possible side effects; causes of teeth staining; intrinsic vs. extrinsic staining; consumer expectations; tooth anatomy; the scientific background of teeth whitening; actual whitening vs. dehydration including color regression; and recognizing various dental conditions. The classes culminate with hands-on practice as attendees whiten the teeth of other attendees.

We will teach you everything you need to know about teeth whitening. You will learn how to do it legally, in a safe and effective manner, how to market your service, how to make money with it, how to get insurance, among many other important topics related to teeth whitening training.

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